Solar Technologies

Our Solar's design staff design home power systems for both off the grid and grid-intertied systems for all areas of the country and at all price levels. The systems on this page are all "stand alone" systems, capable of producing electricity from solar energy and storing it for use when the sun is not shining.

Heir of the Sun

When the utility company wants to charge an arm and a leg to pull electric lines out to your cabin or rural lot, off-grid power can save you tons of money.

With off grid power you are your own electric company! When the sun shines you store excess electricity in batteries and draw it out later. An off-grid inverter can convert the DC energy from solar panels and batteries into AC electricity which powers normal appliances.

Concerned About Quality?

If you see too-good-to-be-true pricing on panels, INVESTIGATE. Read the fine print. Does your quote contain language that permits bait and switch? It would look like this: “Because product orders are subject to supply availability, The manufacturer reserves the right to substitute product types and quantities as may be necessary without prior notice. Finally, please note that due to the recent volatility in fuel prices, we regret that we are unable to guarantee freight quotes and they are subject to adjustment after the company accepts your order. We will endeavor to promptly notify you should any such repricing be necessary.” What will you do if there are problems with the panels after purchase? Does the company you are buying from have a stable history in distribution? Are they profitable? Is it simply a guy with a warehouse who bought solar panels as an investment and now needs his cash out of his investment? Is this a risk you want to take with your own hard-earned money? Are you looking at panels that are old models that have been dumped into the market without adequate warranty? Is the warranty for the “original buyer”? Will that original buyer (who you are thinking about buying from) be able to make good on replacement if necessary? Are you buying B grade panels “with cosmetic damage only”? Was the cosmetic damage caused by pallet damage during shipping? Has it affected the warranty? Eco Ghana Technologies Ltd. is proud to carry only top tier solar panels. None of the manufacturers we buy from have ever been implicated in switching cheap defective modules for good. If you are concerned with quality, and you should be, remember that if the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is... As interest in solar grows in Ghana., utilities and old-school fossil fuel based energy producers are fighting for their market share by investing in negative media and political campaigns.

Decide What Kind of System You Need!

Renewable Energy Systems come in many shapes and sizes. Some are powered by solar panels; others by wind or water, or a combination of these. Some are grid-connected; others are independent of utility power lines.

Which is right for you?

What is your primary reason for adding solar: saving money on electricity OR being independent of the utility company?

  • Gridtie systems are great for lowering your electrical bill, but require a connection to the utility company.

  • Off-grid systems allow you to live and work with electricity in areas where utility power is either unavailable or too expensive to bring in. Off-grid is more about independence, but by living within your means, financially and energy-wise, you do save money.

  • Gridtie systems with battery backup allow the best of both of the above, but are more expensive to to start with.